Angels and Jesus’ second coming




a)      This is what Jesus affirmed while He was on the earth.

b)      Some of the apostles also made this same point.

c)      Tonight we want to look at some specific information about angels and Jesus’ future return.


2)      We find first of all that angels know the Lord will one day return.

3)      One of the places where we learn this information is in the first chapter of Acts.

a)      Luke wrote a book that bears his name (Luke).  Then he continued his record with a second book.

b)      This second volume is called Acts, and the first chapter presents us with some key information.

c)      Jesus appeared to His disciples for “40 days” and offered proofs for His resurrection (Acts 1:3).

d)      Jesus then told the apostles not to leave the city of Jerusalem until they had received power.

e)      Not long after this Jesus left the earth – Acts 1:9 – READ.


4)      There are times in our lives when we watch someone leave our presence.

5)      It may be grandchildren.  They come from a visit and then that visit finally comes to an end.

6)      Grandma and grandpa watch as the grandchildren eventually fade from sight.

7)      We may watch an airplane until it can no longer be seen.

8)      The apostles watched Jesus until He could no longer be seen.

a)      Usually people go into their house or back to some activity after they can no longer see someone.

b)      This was not what the apostles did – verse 11 in this same chapter – READ.


9)      This information was given by “two men in white apparel” (verse 10).

10)  These men were heavenly creatures (angels).

11)  At least one of these angels said Jesus would come back, and this was not a guess.

12)  Angels know the Lord will one day return.

13)  Angels helped announce the Lord’s birth and resurrection.  Now we find them joined with another major event.

14)  Notice this point as well.

a)      It seems these angels offered a mild rebuke to the disciples.

b)      Jesus had told His special friends to wait in Jerusalem (verse 4).

c)      Jesus ascended and these men did not start back to Jerusalem.

d)      Angels asked why they were “standing, looking into heaven.”

e)      These men got with the program and finally went where the Lord told them, verse 12.

f)        At least on this occasion angels knew what God’s will was and they saw some people not following it.

g)      One wonders if angels are able to still perceive this type of thing today.

h)      Can they know God’s will for Christians and watch Christians follow or not follow it?


15)  When the Lord comes back the Bible tells us some things will happen.

16)  1 Thess. 4:16 promises there will be a “shout.”

17)  It is unclear from that text who will do the shouting.

a)      It may be the Lord or it may be an angel.

b)      We can, however, determine this much.

c)      The word “shout” does not mean something like a screaming banshee.

d)      Shout has the sense of “a call, a summons, a shout of command.”

e)      Other passages in the New Testament seem to tell us what this command or summons will be.

f)        Jesus said the hour will come when all who are in the tombs will hear His voice and come forth (Jn. 5:28-29).

g)      Jesus illustrated this in Jn. 11:43 when He said, “Lazarus come forth.”

h)      Based upon Jn. 5 and Jn. 11, I am inclined to believe Jesus will be the one who gives the “shout.”

i)        At the second coming it will be a time of great commotion.


18)  At various times in life we see mass confusion.  People look around as they are in a state of confusion.

19)  Part of the confusion make come from loud sounds.

20)  Another contributing factor may be a large number of people.

21)  The second coming will not be a time of confusion, but it will be loud and involve many, many creatures.

a)      All people who have ever lived will be brought together and all heaven’s angels will also come.

b)      Imagine if you can every person who has ever lived being raised up to meet the Lord.

c)      In the midst of this process is also every heavenly angel.  Such a sight defies description.

d)      Jude touches on this picture in his single chapter book, Jude 14-15 – READ.

e)      Jude did not say “ten thousand angel,” but “ten thousands.”

f)        This is not a typo; there is an innumerable host of heavenly creatures and all will accompany the Lord.


22)  All heaven’s angels will come and part of what they angels will do is found in Mt. 13:47-50.

a)      One of Jesus’ parables has been called the “Dragnet parable” and this is that parable.

b)      In Mt. 13:44 Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.

c)      Then beginning in verse 47 He compared the kingdom to a “net cast into the sea.”

d)      This net gathered “fish of every kind.”

e)      “Kind” may have the sense of “race.”  Angels will one day gather people of every race.

f)        One television show that has interested a lot of people is a program about crab fishing.

g)      In bitter and frigid waters people fish for crab.

h)      Those who view this program are able to see that the fishermen sometimes get more than crab.


23)  Human beings are pictured in a similar way in Mt. 13.

24)  It is like there is a giant spiritual net that will one day scoop all those who have ever lived.

25)  Listen to what Jesus said at the end of the world – verse 49 – READ.

a)      Angels will “sever the wicked from the righteous.”

b)      This is just like the show where people separate crab from everything else.

c)      As human beings we can feel so powerful.

d)      Now we can separate many things in life; we get to determine what is a keeper and what is not.

e)      One day an angel will help put us into one place or another.

f)        Astute Bible students can consider this information and develop it in a little more detail.


26)  First, and this is probably the most important thing said tonight, Mt. 13 is a text we want to remember.

27)  This passage disproves a false doctrine commonly referred to as “the rapture.”

28)  Premillennial teaching says there will one day be a “rapture” (saved people will be taken away by God).

29)  After the saved are whisked away to heaven, the unsaved will be left on earth to face punishment.

30)  What did Jesus teach in Mt. 13?

31)  He taught that the good and the bad will continue together till the end of time.

32)  This is what He specifically point out in verse 49.

33)  Jesus illustrated this by not only this parable, but the parable of tares in a field in verses 37-40.

34)  The next time someone talks about the rapture, remember Mt. 13 and show them that the doctrine is false.

35)  A second point that comes to mind is found in Mt. 25:32.

a)      In this well known chapter Jesus said He will separate people.

b)      How do we reconcile Mt. 25 with Mt. 13? Will Jesus separate people or will it be angels?

i)        There is no problem with these two texts.

c)      Jesus will do the separating through or by heavenly angels.

d)      In Jn. 19:1 the Bible says Pilate scourged Jesus; this was not literally true.

e)      Pilate did this through (by) the hands of others.


36)  Angels will be involved with separating the saved and the lost, but that is not all.

37)  We want one more little piece of information from Mt. 13, information from verse 42.

38)  Angels are the subject in verse 42 and here is what Jesus says in verse 42 – READ.

a)      “Cast” is a verb, and it is plural in the original text.

b)      Jesus is indicating that angels will be the ones who cast the unsaved into eternal destruction.

c)      Angels will not only collect and separate people, they will send the wicked away into punishment.

d)      At the end of time angels will engage in some very important tasks.


39)  After this what will angels do?

40)  We may not know all the answers, but there is an interesting text in Rev. 21.

41)  John pictures a wall with 12 gates.

42)  As with many other parts of Revelation, this information is not literal.

43)  The image is based upon ancient times when cities were fortified with large, thick walls.

44)  By having a giant wall cities had a good means of protection from invaders.

45)  Against this background John said this in Rev. 21:12 – READ.

a)      It would seem that after the day of judgment angels will contribute to the peace and safety of the righteous.

b)      Exactly what they will do I do not know.  John indicates they will somehow function in these ways.


46)  In addition to this type of service, angels will be involved in praising God.

47)  Rev. 7:11 refers to angels worshipping God.

48)  Angels and men will join together in praising the God of heaven and earth.

49)  Again, this is a picture that is beyond our ability to comprehend.

50)  Based on Rev. 5:11, the number of angel has been said to be more than 100 million.

a)      Think about that number.

b)      Not 10,000 or 100,000.  Not 500,000.  Not a million, ten million, or 50 million.

c)      At least 100 million angels exist.

d)      Imagine the Lord coming back at the time with every one of these angels.

e)      At least 100 million creatures plus raising all who have ever lived.


51)  This is either true or Christianity is the greatest lie ever told.

52)  Only an all powerful God could perform such a feat as we have described.

53)  It is no wonder that the Bible says all will one day bow the knee to the Lord.

54)  What people finally see will overwhelm them to the point where they say, “You are God.
Acknowledging God at that time will be too late.  The time to make that confession is now.

55)  One day angels will separate us into a group of saved people or lost people.

56)  If that separation happened tonight, where would we spend eternity?