Wednesday night invitation:


3.    Explain its purpose (negatively and positively)

4.    Sum up the invitation in one word:  ______________________

5.    Acts 2:40; 11:23; 15:32; 20:1; 1 Cor. 14:31.

6.    Is the invitation for Christians or non-Christians?

7.    How is an invitation different from a sermon?


8.    Creating an invitation:

9.    Preachers are sometimes to “see life sermonically.”  Keep an invitation notebook; look for topics.

10.  List examples from Jesus’ life.

11.  Examples from our lives.

12.  Always remember where the power is – Rom. 1:16.

13.  Also remember what illustrations are:

14.  Why is an invitation in some respects harder than a sermon?

15.  When making one, why is it important to think about who may be present?

16.  What are some other keys to a good invitation?

17.  Should thought be given to the length?

18.  Who would typically respond on a Wednesday night and why?

19.  Mind mapping – a valuable technique – some examples


20.  Ways to lessen the force of a well thought invitation:

21.  Volume of voice – what is good and what is bad?

22.  Eye contact – what is best? 

23.  Let’s discuss using notes.

24.  Pray and expect the best – when you hear a well thought invitation, tell the guy.

25.  Know the material in advance

26.  Make sure it is Bible based, even if you use only one passage

27.  Try to avoid “bad habits” (examples)

28.  Try to have some control of the nerves – practice helps

29.  “I really don’t know what I am doing up here” and other introductions.

30.  If possible, make some points of application

31.  Try to have a definite starting and ending point.

32.  Be mindful of the circumstance – this is not the time for a 20 minute talk

33.  Learn from others – the good & the bad – me and guest preachers/places you visit

34.  Mt. 9:18 – Don’t be shocked if someone comes forward

35.  Mt. 28:18 – speaking for God.  Serious but flawlessness is not required.

36.  Mk. 2:2 – we may have many present or only a few – invitation deserves our best effort.

37.  Acts 4:1 – remember we have a “friendly audience.”

38.  Acts 13:46 – don’t be afraid to speak boldly.

39.  Acts 16:13 – great things can come from a single invitation.

40.  Acts 19:8 – our invitation may be one of the many that helps people decide.